Spray N Bond™ Basting Adhesive 5.6 oz

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SprayNBond® Basting Adhesive is a temporary bond spray adhesive for fabric. Use it in your design phase for pattern piecing, for figuring out appliqué placement, hold templates onto fabric and assembling landscape quilts.

Use it during sewing to eliminate pinning of appliqués, for holding stabilizers onto fabrics during embroidering, or to hold backing fabric to batting. Features & Benefits: Temporary Hold, Repositionable, Washes out of fabric, Sewable - Will not gum up needles. Tips for best results: A little goes a long way. No need to apply a lot of basting spray on your fabric for it to work. Spray on the wrong side of the fabric, not on the background fabric. When spraying on or near the actual project, using a long strip of freezer paper will protect your project from any over-spray. Don't spray to close to the fabric, we recommend 12" away from the surface